Tour Diary: *repeat repeat show us how they do surf rock in the south

by Flaunt Intern

Though *repeat repeat is based in the "Music City" of Nashville, Tennessee, the capital of country, they don't constrain themselves to coloring inside the lines. Surf-rock in a state without a coast? Punk inflected love songs with hazy hippie-ish pop gauze? Don't tell husband and wife team Jared and Kristyn Corder (guitar and lead vocals) or drummer Andy Herrin what they can and can't do. They're playing their own game.

The band's sophomore release is titled Floral Canyon (out on Silverlake's own Dangerbird Records) in honor of California's Laurel Canyon, a famously bohemian stopover for some the greatest musicians in the history of rock and roll, blues, and psychedelia throughout the late 60s and early 70s. But the music is anything but placid, taking on modern culture, religion, and rocky relationships with heady organs, wild percussion, and freewheeling guitar. We had *repeat repeat take us along for part of their ongoing tour with Beach Slang:


A rare photo of me without the striped shirt. We were at soundcheck in Lexington at The Burl and I was probably doing something dumb to try to make Kristyn (my wife and bandmate) laugh. Also, I feel like I look like Rivers from Weezer in this pic. Also, Andy is very protective of his Sabian cymbals. Look how shiny!

Photo by Ryan McCauley  @blockstomper

Photo by Ryan McCauley @blockstomper

People think touring at our level is glamorous, and sometimes it is. But most of the time we're just standing around, waiting to do something.


We get asked sometimes if it's difficult being on the road with your partner. It's incredibly easier than leaving your partner for weeks at a time. We absolutely love it and love seeing the country together. I couldn't imagine doing anything in life without her by my side. We're both really driven and focused and work together well too. She's my best friend. This was one of those rare moments on tour that we actually got to stop for a second and be together alone.


Here we are chillin' in the back of The Mothlight in Asheville, night 2 of the tour. Lately I've been real into making the face Paul Stanley from Kiss makes in photos when he's not wearing makeup.


Kristyn took this in the back of our van. We call it the "Chateau Lobby" after the Father John Misty song. It's got a couch and shag carpet and tapestries and polka dot pillows and we also tape our podcast (the *repeat repeat podcast podcast) out of there. You can kinda see her tattoo on her forearm of "The Last Unicorn," which was her favorite childhood movie.

Catch *repeat repeat on tour this week with Beach Slang:

9/11 - Columbus, OH - Rumba Cafe

9/12 - Grand Rapids, MI - Pyramid Scheme 

9/13 - Detroit, MI - The Shelter at St. Andrews Hall

9/14 - Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace 

9/15 - Buffalo, NY - Mohawk Place

Record Release Celebration:

9/25 - Nashville, TN - Grimey's in-store performance