by Collin Schreiber

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign that is represented by a mountain goat with a fish tail. Using this earthy energy is to be able to set tangible and practical goals to be able to achieve. Capricorn is an energy that likes to be of use and to utilize structure and boundaries.

Another way to infuse Capricorn energy is to plan. Capricorn is a realistic sign, so after going through and writing your list. No matter how big the dream, how are you going to get there? What steps are you going to take to achieve it? Are you waiting for the universe to present you this dream with a big red bow or are you going to fight tooth and nail to be able to claim and achieve this dream? If you are writing a list, which is a very Capricorn thing to do, put some sub-bullets on what steps you can word towards to reaching this goal.

Whatever you choose to incorporate, I suggest researching the meaning behind your object so that you can understand the symbolism but to also know what energies you are working with.

Photography by Jim Turner @JimJTurner

Art Direction by Aitor Saumell @AitorSaumell