The Bloom DART: Inducing Highs and Inspiring Professionals

by Taylor Giangregorio

My love affair with the Bloom Brand began a few months ago as I entered my local dispensary in hopes of finding a new vape pen. I was greeted by luck and a pop-up Bloom associate giving away batteries for the Bloom Vape with the purchase of a cart. I came out of the dispensary with two new strains accompanied by the iconic Bloom Vape, finally satisfying my crave for a convenient, delicious, and exotic experience that I could savor in my everyday life. The Bloom Vape helped me to understand Bloom’s mantra “Today Was a Good Day” as each hit unleashed a sense of energy and inspiration from deep down inside my being.  

Bloom_Paulette Ely_Flaunt_1.jpg

Known for their functional hardware and mouthwatering terpene profiles, Bloom has expanded its methods, introducing the Bloom DART in collaboration with CCELL, offering bigger hits, a longer battery life, a sophisticated look, and most importantly: a pleasant high. Intended to be “For Good Taste,” the new product features the 10 classic strains offered with other Bloom products, while also premiering the exclusive Indica-dominant Champagne Kush strain. 

 Creative Director Maca Marque perfectly describes the goals of Bloom products. “The Bloom Brand is all about a refined experience of cannabis usage, and vibrant terpene profiles. We aim to excite the palate of each individual user and empower them to control their moods.”

Bloom_Paulette Ely_Flaunt_4.jpg

The actual shape of the buttonless vape system is quite ergonomic as its pure white color and USB shape can easily blend into any professional’s life, providing consistent satisfaction in each flavor packed hit. The DART’s sleek profile makes for a great pocket companion, superb for discreet and on-the-go use. 

Launching in stores on May 8, the half gram DART pods expect to retail at $36 to $38 with the battery priced at $30 with tax. With pricing comparable to Bloom’s other vape cartridges and batteries and much lower than similar products on the market, including the Pax vaporizers, the product holds a unique place in the industry. What also sets apart the DART from similar systems is its magnetic pods, making the DART and its carts closed loop. 

Bloom_Paulette Ely_Flaunt_5.jpg

Bloom’s Chief Revenue Officer and fellow sativa lover Casey Ly enjoys sativa dominant strains such as Maui Wowie, Jack Herer, and Pineapple Express which he can incorporate into his daily life to spark creativity. 

 “Cannabis vapes are a lifestyle product. They’re designed to accommodate your everyday life and make it easy for you to use cannabis. I see the Bloom DART as the evolution of this technology. Similar to electronic cigarettes, 510 (or even 710) threaded vapes are becoming outdated as advancements are made. This new Bloom DART is more durable, more discrete, and produces a bigger hit than the traditional vape. It’s easy to carry around and easy to use.”

Bloom_Paulette Ely_Flaunt_3.jpg

If you, too, have become attached to Bloom’s flavor packed strains, positive mantras, and sleek design then prepare to level up for an entirely new vaping experience. The Bloom Brand will be announcing which stores will carry the refreshing DART and the assortment of terpene profiles on social media. Be sure to empty your pockets, pack your schedules, and gear up for a productive day once you have the Bloom DART in your hands. 

Photos by: Paulette Ely