by Sam Bashaw

Tank Air is the brain child of Claire Robertson-Macleod- the brands founder and designer- she is a firm believer that “design is a conduit for mindset,” proof that their fluid shapes and sheer fabrics can elicit a new state of being, one with Tank Air in mind. With fans like Kylie Jenner buying up stock its soon to be the brand on the tongues and bodies of every Instagram darling.

The brand’s Pre Spring ‘19 collection expands upon their already developed aesthetic. “Tank Air by” is described as a “series of internet-born collaborations-turned-friendships with women who have learned to leverage the internet to their advantage.” Inciting more of their core values, “bold without being loud, sophisticated without being boring,and playful without losing depth.”

Collaborating with Bread Face, the blogger balancing fetish and fashion/beauty and now is dipping into ASMR. With a name like Bread Face, you get what you expect - some bread on some face. Beyond her usual conventions, the internet sensation performs bathed in purple light and dressed in Tank Air’s Lilac Side Slit Dress toeing the line been fashion editorial and ASMR. An outfit befitting of all your bedroom fantasies - with or without your favorite whole grain loaf.

Photos courtesy of Tank Air x Bread Face