Weed Trimming under the Harvest Moonlight

by BJ Panda Bear

I was recently invited to a weed trimming under the harvest moon at the Flamingo estate owned by Richard Christiansen in Eagle Rock. I had only been there for events frequented by the most fashionable of crowds, a mix creatives and artists sharing ideas and gossip. This tranquil evening was a lot different, what was offered was a workshop of sorts of the process of cultivation and the spiritualism around the sacred plant, taking us through the process was the garden artesian Jeffrey Hutchison.

The invite said to be there at 7:52 pm sharp as the moons might was to bathe the few plants that are on the grounds. The land around the estate have been cultivated to carry a vast array of heritage corns, white sage, tobacco, and various other flora and fauna… anything you can think of.

The gorgeous plants were picked under the harvest moon light, the logic being that the moons pull at the fluids in the herb create maximum potency.

The plants harvested range in shape texture and color some more floral than others, though all yielding a luster of glossy cannabinoid resin.

WEED- (3 of 13).jpg

Tobacco grown on the land is held up to be dried, these organic treasures are a key component in the recipe for the spliff made up of all items grown on the property.

WEED- (4 of 13).jpg

Jeffery showing off the different plants and explaining the different anatomy of the herb. A common misconception is that the leaves are what are smoked but the buds of the flower are the main source of consumption.

The leaves are trimmed off the bud and used to make an aromatic weed tea.

An earthly mix of tobacco and herbs grown through the 7 acre property.

Flamingo Spliff Recipe

3 parts tobacco

1 part white sage

1 part organic lavender

1 part marijuana

Photographed by Jake Harrison