Redbull Music Festival | NY

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

It’s easy to generalize a music festival as a utopia for music lovers. From sunrise to sunset, an attendee is immersed by music proliferating from various genres. What more could you want from a ticket which costs you several hundred dollars? But as soon as you make it past security and find yourself on the official festival grounds, reality begins to wipe away the glamour. Although the lineup is stacked with a litany of your favorite artists, chances are you’ll only catch about half the acts you want to see due to scheduling conflicts. Lest we forget about the filler you must wade through while waiting for a favorite artist. And who really wants to listen to dance music at one in the afternoon on a ninety-degree day in July after ingesting whatever substances you decided to party with the night before? The Red Bull Music Festival takes a bright red pen and crosses out the negative aspects of a music festival and leaves only the essential aspects. Live, oftentimes, rare performances from the heaviest hitters in the music industry? Check.

Instead of fields where music can drift away with the wind, the Red Bull Music Festival takes place in nightclubs and art galleries spread out across the city. The exclusion of wide open spaces provides a more intimate performance, which gives the audience a greater chance at connecting with the performance. Red Bull unveiled the lineup for this year’s rendition in New York City and it’s loaded with innovative, game-changing artists who represent the evolving landscape of the music industry. From underground, politically conscious rappers like JPEGMAFIA to artists stretching the boundaries of what a song can be, like Tierra Whack, who released an album in 2018 composing of fifteen songs all of which clocked in at a minute long, there’s not a bad ticket on the bill. In addition to the previously mentioned artists, the lineup features Rosalía, FKA Twigs, Teyana Taylor, Holly Herndon and many others.

Red Bull Music Festival kicks off on April 30 with Rosalía performing at Webster Hall and continues throughout May. For tickets visit here.