by Eva Barragan

In our final edition of our Poolaroid series for the season, we caught up with LA Models' Hayley Wheeler and Danica Magpantay to learn about their favorite autumn trends, future goals, and biggest fears. Scroll through below to check out what siblings these two LA babes had to say.

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Hayley Wheeler: @hayleynwheeler

What's your go to store? 

Urban Outfitters.

Autumn trends? 

I just saw these amazing blue semi-camo pants, that are super baggy and a cropped top that is super cute!!! I'm kind of obsessed with those. I'd wear them with a pair of heels. But I love winter and big cozy sweaters. 

What scares you the most? 

Definitely clowns! I wanted to see the movie 'It', but I would probably die! 

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Danica Magpantay: @icamagpantay

Where do you shop? 

I love thrift stores and clothing fares because you can find unique pieces. These shorts I got in NYC. I love them, cause they have so much character.

What do you wear in winter?

I always have an oversize sweater, puff coat or a street jacket and shoes that don't slip. Puffy navy coat from Michael Kors I wore all of last winter.

What has been you favorite shoot?

A job for L'oreal Matrix was great. The haircut I have now is from this job. Plus they colored my hair blue with yellow and red undertones. I wanted to keep it! I looked like the character from Monsters Inc.

What's your dream job?

It has always been my dream to be on one of the billboards in Times Square. And this dream came true when I shot the campaign for Aeropostale. I had to learn hula-hoop for this shoot.

Future goals?

My big goal is to start an organic skincare brand. My family in the Philippines has an organic farm. And also to shoot with Flaunt.