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Vicky Mcclure

“[Vicky’s] work ethic is second to none, but when you marry that with her bravery and passion to explore where there are no words, you find yourself rewriting parts of the story, or creating brand new ones, every time you break bread. She goes to places in rehearsals that you simply couldn’t think of as a writer. That is why I love Vicky, because she never stops searching.” – Director Shane Meadows,

This is England ’90

Hardness of head and softness of heart, this is British actress Vicky McClure.[1] Brits will forever know the Nottingham-born player for her role as Lol, first in the Shane Meadows film This Is England (2006), and then in the ongoing TV series. As a darkly troubled protagonist on a Midlands estate during the 1980s, McClure delivered urbane glimpses into the space between the sacred and profane. Her work attributed to the genesis of two additional Channel 4 series—ThisIsEngland ’86 (2010) and This Is England ’88 (2011)—following the same characters. McClure told the Guardian in 2014, “Lol was the most in-depth I’ve gone with any character.” Evidently, she burrowed deep enough into the complex and imaginary to cement a traumatized character—Lol endures rape, incest and violence!—that perseveres in a hyper competitive media landscape. Proof: the ’90 installment of the series is currently in post-production. After winning a 2011 BAFTA for her work as Lol, she told the press she was “numb.” But transference is the actor’s essential role. And when McClure performs with inimitable composure, and shakes audiences to their CALIFUK-ing cores, it’s only natural that they too would feel neither pleasure, nor pain, just—

1 Born 8 May 1983[a]

1.a “Free parking will be provided.”[i]

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*Hole in one! 20th Century Fox Studio offered parking spots for a celebrity golf tournament hosted at Rancho Park Golf Course. Above par attendees were to include George Peppard (The A-Team) Eric Estrada (Chips), and CALIFUK progenitor, the London-born Bob Hope.

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