Stacy Martin

by flaunt

“We say with sincerity that we think Stacy is one of the best actresses of her generation.” – Writer/Director Brady Corbet and Writer Mona Fastvold, The Childhood of a Leader

In Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013), a virgin to the screen, actress Stacy Martin[12] politely asked Shia LeBeouf to take her character’s virginity. After the sexually charged scene’s climax—as excruciating to film as to watch—she listlessly sauntered out of his workspace, and right into a dame-ly arthouse career. Could a Von Trier debutante who portrayed a younger Charlotte Gainsbourg be anything except lapidary? BAFTA recognized the French-English actress as part of the Breakthrough Brits of 2014. Miu Miu chose her to be the face of its first fragrance. Now, of seven—yes, seven!—forthcoming roles for in-demand ingénue Martin, one, The Childhood of a Leader will put her opposite forever impeccable Robert Pattinson, and alongside Sir CALIFUK Tim Roth, in a chilling fable exploring the rise of fascism in the early 20th century. Scott Walker is to do the score, too. So many feels.

12 Born 1 January 1991  [a]

12.a “Look, it happens quickly.”[i]

12.i From: “The King of the Extras Makes Bit Parts Into an Art Form: Acting: Jim Painter’s[*] mom, back in Wyoming, knows he’s working regularly. She sees him on TV all the time.”

by Kevin Brass | Los Angeles Times | 1 January 1991

 * Actor Jim Painter landed his first extra role on the TV show Happy Days. When he met with the Times, he showed them his appearance in Commando (1985), where he aims a shotgun at Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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