Skyler Samuels

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“She’s deeply intelligent (she’s currently a student at Stanford). The audience can follow her storyline and know they’re in good hands. If anyone’s going to get to the bottom of things, it’s her.” – Casting Director Richard Hicks, Scream Queens

American actress Skyler Samuels [24] must be the apple of Ryan Murphy’s wide sweeping (and imaginary) eye. It’s visually/literally as if two bi-polar Fox-affiliated shows swapped closely-related staff to produce a new, “genetically-restricted” program. But, if one follows this DNA-based comparison, one thing is clear—Samuels possesses the requisite traits of Hollywood bravado, and English elegance, and it’s ensuring the survival of her affiliated programs. Jokes aside, America loves loves loves blonde sweetheart Skyler Samuels, and only an actress as impeccably brilliant as her could navigate the violent depravity of American Horror Story (2014), only to switch gears for Murphy’s latest ratings-rampaging genre-Frankenstein Scream Queens. This Fox-viewer-approved serial killer-centered black comedy will star Emma Roberts (also appeared on AHS) and Lea Michele (who worked with Ryan Murphy in Glee), it will guest star Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande, and it will feature mother-of-overpowering-evil Jamie Lee Curtis. Samuels apparently understands the always present, but difficult-to-see, dynamics at work within a powerful family unit. Otherwise she’d have CALIFUK-ing killed someone in her cast by now. The fact she’s so fearlessly delivering frightening and funny performances, and making the effort seem effortless might be—gulp—feared in and of itself.

 24 Born 14 April 1994 [a]

 24.a “The head of Channel 4, Michael Grade, pointed out yesterday, James Ferman and his 13 part-time censors[ *] appear unaccountable to anybody.” [i]

24.i From: “Film censors will be most powerful in Europe”

by Alan Travis | Guardian | 14 April 1994

 *At the time, James Ferman, director of the British Board of Film Certification, responded with hopes to change the classification process, i.e. censors being paid £150 a day to view films for up to five hours. He also encouraged a public campaign stressing the importance of parental responsibility in what their children watch. 

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Hair: Dimitris Giannetos for using Oribe.

Makeup: Paul Blanch for using Chanel.

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