Roseanne Returns | A Look Back at Her 2013 Flaunt Letter on Motherhood

by Flaunt Magazine

After a twenty-year hiatus, ABC’s seminal '90s sitcom Roseanne returned this week with a chart-topping 18.2 million viewers. Returning with the entire original cast, the show reprises its role on prime-time television as the irreverent voice of working-class middle America. Returning with the show’s acerbic wit and caustic family banter, Roseanne adapts to the contemporary zeitgeist by making their protagonist an outspoken Trump supporter.

Coastal liberals are squirming a little in our seats as we try to decipher if the real Roseanne Barr’s enthusiasm for Trump is method acting or a defining new voice of the right. As for the show itself, the family’s political conflicts challenge the conservative perspective and give us a nuanced view of modern American politics.

In Flaunt’s Mother Issue from 2013, we asked Ms. Barr to write about her personal relationship to motherhood. With her unflinching honestly and biting sense of humor, Roseanne shares all the "unforgettable moments" and "emotional stretch marks" that come with the territory of Motherhood.