Grey Damon

by Eleni Solomou


Leather jacket by Topman, t-shirt by American Apparel, jeans by G-Star, and shoes by Converse. 


Denim jacket by G-Star, T-Shirt by American Apparel, and Jeans by Vivienne Westwood MAN.

Grey Damon

Wouldn’t Ya Know It, He’s Writing a Comic Book

I’m drawing a horror comic right now,” Grey Damon tells me as I manically etch doodles over the questions I’ve prepared about


, his upcoming sci-fi TV series on The CW. “It’s about growing and what we have to endure throughout our lives, and the hardships that come with being in a broken home.” Damon goes on to explain that the comic is like a younger version of

Fight Club

, featuring a boy with an imaginary friend who never leaves him—a sort of emotional crutch. “We come to find that the imaginary friend is a bigger force than we initially thought. The boy is influenced by what is whispered into his ear, and is sort of a metaphor for mental illness. I wanted to explore how broken homes are caused by mental illness. How kids deal with these things. Everyone else sees the crazy kid that talks to himself, but that kid is able to accomplish what others cannot. How he deals with bullying, peer pressure, mental illnesses in his own home, things that speak close to me. It’s a dark story. I tend to be attracted to darker stories.”

The revelation that he’s the creator of numerous comics gloriously throws me off my whole “How does it feel to go from the all-American pretty boy of Friday Night Lights and 90210 to portraying the younger version of the tormented anti-hero in Spike Lee’s upcoming remake of the Korean film Oldboy?” game plan. The question now seems trivial, at best. My idea to corner him into a dark spot would have failed as well, since he evidently has wedged himself there already. As our conversation progresses, the query comes closer to “How did the son of a Buddhist, an avid fan of Manga, and comic book connoisseur who enjoys playing the villain, have us all so fooled?” But the answer to that would have been much too banal.

Tell me something unexpected and trivial. I suppose I eat a lot of apples.

Do you feel religious guilt with every bite? Nah, I feel proud of myself.

Photographer: Jen Siska at Stylist: Jimi Urquiaga at Groomer: Paul Rizzo for