Christa Theret

by Carl Porción


Christa Theret

The Sun Isn’t All That Rises

The world and the people in it are cruel, yes, but we at


operate with a certain kind of mentality that could safely be described as:

fuck the losers

. Isn’t it better to talk about the winners, the movers and the shakers? Like, for instance, the rising stars? Of course. But it’s not like everyone can be rising all the time, right? It’s probably pretty safe to say that out of the 10 young up-and-comers chosen by the Shooting Stars Award and European Film Promotion (EFP) commission in Berlin at the Berlin International Film Festival, most of them will get old; and they’ll probably stop making films. But while they’re famous, while they’re winning, they’ll do a lot of interviews talking about the movies they’re in, suggesting that so-and-so was really fun to work with, so-and-so actor was really great to work with, so generous, so cool etcetera.

But what’s really cool and possibly sets Christa Theret apart from the other youngsters doing the “acting thing” is she more than likely doesn’t give a shit about all that jazz. Being a winner and not caring that you’re winning is like the winning formula. But then again, this is sort of right in line with what Theret’s known for in France. After her breakout role in the film LOL—directed by Lisa Azuelos—Theret’s face became synonymous with a generation of kids raised on the Internet, kids who fall in love in “texts” who speak in “abbreviations,” who are constantly looking at screens, photographing themselves, ignoring the world, and are somehow, absurdly, connected to it. But the 21-year-old is now getting involved in heavier fare, with The Man Who Laughs and the biopic Renoir, in which she plays the aging painter’s late-life muse, Andrée Heuschling. The film premiered at Cannes and was picked up by Goldwyn Films for distribution in the U.S. So it’s probably safe to say that if hers is a beauty capable of stirring the old man Renoir, audiences will relish the chance to ogle this beaut. Stars won’t be the only thing rising.

Photographer: Frederic Auerbach for Stylist: Elin Bjursell. Hair: Sonia Duchaussoy for Makeup: Christophe Danchaud for Digital Operator: Anne Pichon for Styling Assistant: Cornelia Permstäde Bergström.

Beauty Notes: All makeup by Chanel.