OWIU | LA Design Festival

by Jalyn Eaton

During the 9th annual Los Angeles Design Festival, OWIU Design Studio debuted three new installations: Kori, Mori, and Washi. The installations explore the infinite ways in which modular systems can be arranged to form new and original designs. 

OWIU’s installation Kori, which was on display at The Row during the LA Design Festival, is an interactive exhibit meant to imitate the structure of an ice crystal. Motion detectors embedded into the acrylic pathways illuminate in response to guests’ movements. 

Mori, now on view at the A+D Museum, is based on the Japanese word for forest. The installation uses individual blocks of wood to create a forest-like structure. OWIU arranged 12 different configurations of the same wooden blocks to create formations ranging from a love seat to the tree of life. 

‘Washi’ Photographed by Eunji Paula Kim

‘Washi’ Photographed by Eunji Paula Kim

Washi, displayed at OWIU’s office in LA, is a structure created from traditional washi paper made in the Tokushima Prefecture of Japan by Isao Nakamura. Washi paper is an essential part of Japanese culture that ages and creates natural flaws over time, making Washi a design piece that indefinitely shifts and changes.

Mori, Kori, and Washi are currently on view at The Row is located at 777 Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90021