New Music Friday | Club Remixes and Reimaginations

by Jake Carver

Spice up your weekend playlist with these three sure-fire summer hits from three renowned DJs from around the globe.

Dom Dolla: “Take It” (Jesse Perez Remix)

Catchy, bouncy, and dirtyif you’ve been to a club in the past year, you are probably familiar with Australian DJ Dom Dolla’s “Take It”. Thanks to up-and-comer Jesse Perez, we have a remix that is somehow catchier, bouncier, and dirtier than the original. And is that a cowbell I hear? What more could you ask from a remix?

Alok: “The Wall”

Yes, like the Pink Floyd song, because it is the Pink Floyd song. Brazilian DJ Alok and Californian artist Sevenn partnered to create an ambitious reimagination that is sure to please clubbers and rock aesthetes. 

Klingande: “The Sinner”

Look out for Stevie Appletonvocalists with both gruffness and range are few and far between. His collaboration with established French DJ Klingande, “The Sinner”, is a quintessential summer pop hit. Hopefully it will keep Klingande on top of the charts and bring Appleton into the limelight.