Ezra Koenig Creates Netflix's New Anime Series 'Neo Yokio' Starring Jaden Smith

by Flaunt Intern

Jaden Smith stars in the new Netflix anime series Neo Yokio, written by Ezra Koenig from the Vampire Weekend and Nick Weindenfeld, who's worked on the animated series Lucas Bros Moving Co and Metalocalypse. Netflix describes the anime as a "postmodern homage to classic anime, English literature, and modern New York fashion and culture" and is reflective of this in Neo Yokio's new trailer (above).

The series was produced by renowned Japanese anime studio Production IG, who was responsible for notable animes like Psycho-Pass, Ghost in the Shell, and Attack on Titan, along with Studio Deen, who was responsible for the reputable Japanese drift anime, Initial D. Neo Yokio also had help in production from MOI Animation Studios, who were responsible for more American-based animations like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teen Titans, and Young Justice. Additionally, distinguished story board artists including Kazuhiro Furashi from Hunter x Hunter and Junji Nishimura worked on the series.

Despite the star-studded rooster in creation for the Neo Yokio, many anime fans are still reluctant to praise the show just yet due to its American influences. Hopefully, Neo Yokio won't disappoint. Tune in to Netflix on September 22 to stream the six episode premiere. You be the judge.

Written by Kelly An