What’s in Yr Fridge, Colt Kraft Band?

by flaunt

Presenting the premiere of the band's new single "Waitin' and Watchin'"

Colt Kraft is a modern day crooner. The band floats behind him in a cloud of digital to analog conversions. Slow guitar, deep soothing vocals, and an Americana sound inspired by lead singer Colt’s ear candy of choice, Roy Orbison, combine to create what Seattle-based act Colt Kraft Band calls “lounge balladry.” Add to the mix a digital ‘90s MIDI instrument called The Key—not to be confused with keytar—and Colt Kraft Band achieves a texture and spacey wall of sound that suits a drive down the coast of the Pacific Northwest, or a moonlit dance with a sweetheart in a backyard strewn with cans of Rainier and brown puddles of chaw.

FLAUNT Magazine presents the debut single "Waitin' and Watchin'" off Colt Kraft Band's new album My One True Home (out Fall 2015).

So, what's in yr fridge, Colt Kraft Band?

Our North Seattle practice space is a dark, colorful basement full of hand-made electronics, inventions and creations by our pedal steel wizard, Olie. It's comfortable, a littly gritty, but stays nice and cool in the summer. No matter what time of day or year, the basement feels like the basement.

1 Light Up Eyes

This little guy's eyes light up when any audio signal goes through the vocal mics. When we sing, his eyes sing. There are so many things to look at in this basement while you play. We try to make sure not to look at this guy for too long... just in case!

2 Pipe Bomb Sano

Sano amplifiers are perhaps one of the greatest kept secrets in amplified music. The company went out of business in 1980, and although they are rare, they are still pretty affordable. Known for their silky reverb, they have a distinct warmth and an extremely expansive sound. Thankfully, there are always a couple Sanos sprinkled around the basement.


This is a Tascam 1/2 inch reel-to-reel 8-track tape machine. This is a very important piece to our sound. We do everything ourselves in the studio - often the basement IS the studio. A big part of our ethereal sound is how the noise bleeds from one track to another, from one room to another, onto this little 8 track reel. Reel good.