Tito, You Should Know We’re Miles from the Ocean

by Everett Ellsworth

A Worthy Musical Accompaniment Courtesy Desert Sound Colony
The Gila monster spends 98% of its life hidden underground. Desert survivors they are, partiers they are not.

If you're reading this you're not a Gila monster, lucky you, this weekend you can head to Further Future on the Moapa River Indian Reservation, right outside of Las Vegas. The festival maintains "Further Future event is a gathering of people with the common goal to spend time together celebrating the infinite possibilities of the future, without necessarily being shackled to the dictates of the past or the cycles of present-day society." Touche.

Included in the many featured musical artists playing at the three day fest are Tycho, Tim Hecker, Nosaj Thing, Damian Lazarus, and Desert Sound Colony.

The DSC--expertise evident within their name--felt inspired to make a playlist for the trek out to the reservation, playing off the absence of civilization and cohabitation in the dry death of Mojave. Listen below.

Most recently the Desert Sound C0lony released the Cracks in my Soul EP. Listen here.

Tour dates: May 03 - Las Vegas @ Further Future Festival May 15 - Boston @ Together Festival Afterparty May 16 - New York @ ReSolute May 30 - Leeds @ Flux Closing Party (DJ Set)