The Great Aural Interplay 4

by Connie Shen


The Great Aural Interplay 4

A grip of blind dates betwixt a grip of musicians

[it seemed like a good idea at the time]

Last Night In Paris interviewed 


 Tom Odell

Last Night In Paris our tar pit eyes grew big and wide as the haze of basement parties filled our heads. We smoked too many cigarettes and drank too many beers. We slipped our hands up T-shirts and walked our fingers on the smalls of backs.

Last Night In Paris we met a young London art collective made up of the kids we knew would spend their lives creating, and we listened to their dreamy, slow-motion beats and their well-crafted words. Last Night In Paris we watched them move.

Tom Odell: Have you ever met another musician you admire and accidentally started humming one of their songs while they talk to you?Last Night In Paris: We haven’t really met anyone yet, but we’re not the type to do that.

You know that point when you’re just about to fall asleep and a really good melody or lyric comes into your head…do you get up and record it? Or do you go to sleep and accept what’s meant to be is meant to be?Always, always write it down or record it. Art is spontaneous—you never know when it will come back.

Have you ever written a song and then realized it’s actually already a song by someone else?All the time. Great minds think alike.

You’re on the bus, or the train, or the plane… and one of your songs comes on shuffle. Do you leave it on? Or in an embarrassing concern that someone might hear, do you skip?Old songs always get skipped. Once a song is made we move on very quickly.

What’s the greatest record ever made?So many different genres we couldn’t pick. But soon it will be an LNIP track.

How many fingers am I holding up?Two. Peace.

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