You’d Best Teach the Skeleton to Dance

by Elaina Ransford

PREMIERE: Tei Shi "Bassically (Body Language Remix)"
It can be said that perhaps van Gogh should not have licked the paintbrush, that Brian Wilson should never have dabbled in psilocybin, and that James Dean shouldn't have taken that turn so fast.

But should Body Language have remixed Tei Shi's "Bassically"? Abso-damn-lutely.

Body Language’s remix of Tei Shi’s most recent single, transforms the track from an understated pop lullaby into an understated disco thumper. The track plays like a b-side off a Cafe del Mar Volume 3 and Shi’s hypnotic vocals and looped melodies are both softer and more urgent, balancing the beat and mesmeric bass.


Catch Tei Shi at SXSW this year: 3/16 - 6:40PM - Tumblr @ Mohawk 3/18 - 2:30PM - Secret Sounds @ Holy Mountain 3/18 - 9:00PM - BMI @ Bar 96 3/19 - 1:45PM - New Shapes @ Red Eyed Fly 3/19 - 8:00PM - Stubb's 3/20 - 7:00PM - NYLON x The dFm Present Terrace @ The W Hotel 3/21 - 10:00PM - Pigeons & Planes @ Hype Hotel