Amber Le Bon

by Joel Pitka

More Tea Than Water, More Fun Than Most
When DJ/model/muse Amber Le Bon looks up from her favorite tea, she’s as likely to see Ibicencan besties from last night’s David Guetta set as flashing bulbs of excited paparazzi. The 26-year-old globetrotter is as comfortable posing for Vogue España in Armani Privé as she is manning the decks for LUISAVIAROMA.COM’s annual Firenze4Ever in Florence. The apple wouldn’t fall far from the tree when you’re progeny of Simon (of Duran Duran) and Yasmin Le Bon, world-class in their own respect (jamming and modeling, respectively). But its sweetness? That’s all Amber.

Walk me through the process of one of your DJ sets: from preparation to execution.

Firstly, my playlist will vary depending on what type of event it is and how far through the party I am DJing. It’s important to be able to connect with the vibe of the crowd! I listen to new music and find what I like and am drawn to at that moment. Next, I usually look at those new songs, and then some old ones that I already have and map out a new set-list, which I feel will fit the event and its audience. This is so I know where I want to go and end up, and then I grab my headphones and CDs and make for the decks!

Tell me about your experience at LUISAVIAROMA.COM’s Firenze4Ever.

Firenze4Ever was wonderful. I really loved being a part of the festival, celebrating creativity and fashion. Best of all, meeting some amazing and inspiring people who are really masters of their craft, whether it’s art, fashion or music. Florence is one of my favorite Italian cities and with its beauty, history and architectural heritage; it never fails to inspire me.

Imagine you’re playing the perfect DJ set, who would you want in attendance?

Different places, different crowds! The list is endless. As long as people are enjoying themselves, I’m happy when I see people enjoying the set and dancing!

How would you describe your style?

I generally lean towards the darker colors, black, forest green, and berry shades. I like to mix things up with fashion; it’s more fun that way. I go from being indie rock chic one day to more childlike and ditzy on another. I’ll mix a floaty dress with a leather jacket any day!

What is your favorite way to listen to music?

The best way I listen to music and really switch off from anything else, is plugged into headphones, sitting on the deck of a sailing boat watching the sun set over the water.

Describe a perfect day while living in London.

The simple things for me that you don’t get to do when you are traveling and working. A perfect day in London is being at home with my family and going for dog walks then going out to have Japanese food with my best friend.

What are your plans for a rainy day?

I like to read all day when it’s raining; reading and watching old black and white movies with the comfort of cuddling my dogs.

What is your most “British” trait?

Drinking tea all day long, I drink more tea than I do water!

Los Angeles Uber or a London Black Taxi?

Changes depending on my mood and where I am heading, I might even bike or hop on the back of a friend’s scooter!

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