Agathe Mougin and Wladimir Schall

by flaunt

The French DJs talk to us about the magic that happens after the lights go down

Rex Club is the night tune of electro Paris. It signs, seals, and delivers the best house and techno to grungy crowds of jeunesse dorée, and a few lucky backpackers in the crowded sidewalk line who keep their English to themselves.

There is a small smoking section in the club with dirty concrete walls warmed only by the occasional flash of strobes. It’s the only place where some type of conversation can happen. It’s where people come to cool off and rest their legs. It’s where Agathe Mougin met Wladimir Schall.

“We were looking our worst” Mougin says laughing.

“Yes, we were sweaty, tired from dancing, it was late at night.” Schall adds. But in seeing each other sleepy-eyed, burnt out, in burly clouds of tobacco smoke, they ignored each other’s image, dove deep, and became fast friends—their similarities in fashion and music tying the bow.

Late nights DJing in each other’s apartments for nothing but their own amusement led to flights across the globe to work on music initiatives for fashion houses and private events. “It started when we did one afterparty for a friend. We were so amazing that everyone wanted us!” Mougin jokes, returning to her modest demeanor, “It all came together naturally.”

The duo can’t see fashion without music or music without fashion and assert that each inspires the other. Fashion designers more than ever are searching for the perfect sounds and songs to compliment their runway shows. Music sets the aura and attitude of every brand. Though, Schall warns that if not chosen correctly, “Music can overpower the fashion show and the collection, it’s rare, but it happens.”

Both Mougin and Schall have refined their musical tastes from their younger days. DJing for top fashion events like the Vogue Paris 95th Anniversary party require it. “We play anything from disco to classical to techno” Mougin says, “we could never perform without the other because together we have two tastes, two full musical libraries.”

The duo are happy to jam day or night, but favor light, airy, and positive energy for daytime events, and save grittier, more complex sounds for the evening. They remark that the most wonderful time to play or to experience music comes when first light glows a soft periwinkle and the streetlights of the city blink amber orange and gradually flicker off. Schall determines that sunrise songs must emit hope, “It’s a wonderful time because the world is yours, you’ve survived the night; you are living in a new day.”

Written by Miles Griffis
Photographer: Elise Toïdé.
Stylist: Elin Bjursell.
Hair And Makeup: Hisano Komine for Airport Agency.
Producer: Cornelia Bergstrom.
Photography Assistant: Alizée Omaly.
Styling Assistant: Rebecka Häggblom.