Flaunt Premiere | Sweater Beats & More Giraffes "Playground"

by Cayla Rubin

More Giraffes, a duo taking on the world of new wave futuristic pop have teamed up with their friend Sweater Beats, an RnB infused EDM artist, to create their feel good single, “Playground”. The song emulates the carefreeness of childhood and will make you feel nostalgic for the monkey bars and swinging on a playground so high you feel like you can fly. With a smooth, electrifying beat, funky lyrics, and an overall feel good, positive vibe, this pop anthem is one you won’t want to turn off.

The music video, directed by Zac Wolf, further emphasises the message the song is trying to portray. Wolf says that he "wanted to tap into the imaginative feeling of being on the playground with your friends. More Giraffes created a visceral song and [he] tried to give it a space to breathe in." Set on a playground inside a stage studio with a painted gold slide and that same green astro turf we all remember from elementary school, this music video gives an aesthetically pleasing visual to a song that radiates fun and will make you want to get up and dance all summer long.

Check out the music video for “Playground” below and be sure to listen to More Giraffes upcoming EP “Bermuda” when it drops later this summer!