Marc Ange | MoCo Amsterdam

by Hannah Jackson

As you bask luxuriously on a Millennial pink daybed you look up to admire the palm fronds that shade you from the unbearable summer sun. But these are no average leaves: they are the metal renditions, painted in the same brilliant hue as the bed on which you lay.

Perhaps it’s this idea of serenity and shelter—and the show-stopping color—that has earned Los Angeles-based Franco-Italian artist Marc Ange’s Le Refuge the title of “Most Instagrammed Piece of Milan Design Week.” Supported by a sleek teak base, the metal stems of the palm fronds shade the daybed from the harshness of the outside world, creating a secluded sanctuary.

Courtesy of Marc Ange

Courtesy of Marc Ange

Ange’s second iteration of Le Refuge has arrived at its new home in the garden of Amsterdam’s MoCo Museum (the original has a permanent home in the Beverly Hills Hotel), perfectly matching the Dutch museum’s own signature pink pigment.

If you wish to own your own personal portal of escapism, Le Refuge is available for purchase via The Invisible Collection. But for now, if you need to seek refuge from the bustling city of Amsterdam, pop by the MoCo Garden and let your troubles melt away.