Louis Vuitton | Taïgarama

by Taylor Giangregorio

Louis Vuitton further extends the neon trend with the latest leather goods collection, Taïgarama, launching at the end of the month. The structured Taïga leather is canvased in the signature Monogram in an array of vibrant hues including blues, whites, greens, and yellows.

The sophisticated collection comes in an array of shapes and styles including the Keepall, Discovery Backpack, Outdoor Bumbag, Messenger Bag, Horizon 50 Rolling Luggage, and Multiple Wallet. Each piece offers an electrifying energy, creating an exotic statement paired with any summer outfit. The collection is sure to radiate during the season of sunshine and bring class to any adventure. The Taigarama line will be available on March 22, 2019 in Louis Vuitton stores and online.

Photos by Chris Rhodes