Flaunt Premiere | Lizzy Land "Messed Up"

by Drew Penner

If you’re on the hunt for some smooth electronic simplicity to cure a bit of musical drowsiness, try pouring a cup of this Flaunt Premiere recipe and see how it treats ya. Lizzy Land’s “Messed Up” is a song about “staring into nothing” and being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It’s got DNA that could easily invite remixers to churn out an EDM concoction or a pop-deep house production. One stand-out element is the arpeggiating flutter that commingles delightfully with Lizzy’s silky vocals.

Lizzy Land.JPG

So far Lizzy has worked with Mating Ritual, Nick Littlemore (Empire of the Sun) and Paul Oakenfold. She scored 14 million streams for her first solo single titled “Sweet Melodies,” and is planning to drop her debut EP later this year.

Lizzy head back.JPG

Her music exists in the space between where hipster meets dance, but on a frequency that doesn’t pry too much. The jam with Everest-climbing DJ Oakenfold is a glossy trance banger called “Waterfall,” for example. But here, on her latest, Lizzy has manifested more of a poolside pre-drink or afternoon lounger.

Photographed by Ella Zoller