Lily Allen at the Fonda

by Isaac von Hallberg

Minutes before the UK born songstress Lily Allen was set to hit the stage, the wall to wall crowd packed in the quaint Spanish-style Fonda Theatre filling the room with an energy of refreshing alacrity. A smokey stage with hues of purple and green adorned the room as Caribbean pop music gave the perfect backdrop for an awaiting crowd uncommon to a Monday night.

Adorned in a shimmering green gown with iridescent undertones “Trill Lil” as a fan yelled out, grabbed the mic in her perfectly curled platinum blonde hair, belting out “Trigger Bang” to an audience reciting lyrics and waving their hands in unison to the beat. From Caribbean ska vibes from her newer songs in which she introduced proclaiming  “...and now we’re going to do some songs off my new and disgustingly undersold new album. I’m kidding, but I’m also not,” to R&B vibes covering DeepEnd by LykkeLi. She covered her earlier pop singles “The Fear” and “Not Fair” and closed out with a “F*CK You Very Much” — a dedication to Trump and Kavanaugh, with middle fingers of the audience raising in the air as they sang to the chorus as if in a trance, or bewitching protest.

Maybe it was Lily’s ethereal dress or the journey through different genre’s that all came together like poetry, but the performance coupled with the night itself solidified why Lily will continue to have a devoted following.

Written by Charmaine Griffin

Photographed by Doug Krantz