‘Lafont 1844’ by Louis-Marie de Castelbajac

by Ryane Gonsalves


Maison Lafont and Louis-Marie de Castelbajac have presented a new 15 piece collection. Located at 30 Rue Vertbois in Paris, France, Lafont 1844 will take on the world by storm, showing a presentation of originality and creativity that embody this clothing market as a whole. This is the first time, the brand will be aiming their line toward the general public.

Founded during the 19th century, Lafont has continued to be an iconic company for clothing. The brand continues to be the leader of the French market because of their flawless success that has never faltered, to this day. Lafont was the creator of the infamous “Coltin Jacket”, worn by Jean Gabin in The Human Beast and Pharrell Williams in his clip of Freedom. Using their expertise and he brand intended.

The “Lafont 1844” collection illustrates a number of patterns and designs by mixing historical tastes with contemporary tastes. Louis Marie de Castelbajac conveys his love and imagination with each creation that he fabricates. Lafont 1844 will definitely an experience you don’t want to pass up.


Photos courtesy of Lafont 1844