Jeremy Couillard "HOTR Home Furnishing" | Phillips Auction House

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

In the not-so-distant future, the entire human population will be sky-rocketing toward a great self-demise only to be saved at the last minute from a group of aliens. In return for their services, the mega-wealthy 1% will be forced to work at a cheaply made home goods and furniture store, think IKEA on acid. And one of the aliens will visit this store searching for a lamp. Sounds far-fetched? Artist Jeremy Couillard doesn’t think so and with the help of Unreal Engine he brings this vision to life with HOTR Home Furnishing, a work on display at Phillips Auction House in Manhattan, New York beginning on April 25th.

Couillard presents this video work partly inspired by advertising, world-building, video games, and poetry. The 3D animation will be brought to life by Unreal Engine, the same technology used in Fortnite. Along with the video piece, Couilllard curated a playlist called Dreamcatcher, which features artists such as Jacky Connolly, Phillip Birch, Takeshi Murata, and many more.

Jeremy Couillard in his studio,  courtesy of the artist, Daata Editions and Phillips Auctions

Jeremy Couillard in his studio,  courtesy of the artist, Daata Editions and Phillips Auctions

The show is presented by Phillips x Daata Artists Commission and all the artwork will be available for purchase online at “Daata Editions seems to have the only reasonable model out there, one that supports artists immensely.” Jeremy Couillard says. “They are at almost ever fair, they are in galleries from Beijing to New York to London and are one of the only platforms for experimental video art that pays artists up front and right away.”

Support experimental video art and explore a world where aliens rule over mankind at Phillips Auction House from April 25th to April 3oth.

450 Park Ave, New York