Flaunt Premiere | Ivy Levan's "When I Get Home"

by Kyle Huewe

Photographed by Dorian Caster courtesy of BWR

Photographed by Dorian Caster courtesy of BWR

Pop sensation Ivy Levan has released her second single following a three year hiatus from releasing music, complete with a companion music video to boast. Titled “When I Get Home,” the song speaks out to working women everywhere, contemplating the daydream fantasies of the work day where all you want to do is go home and get wrapped up by your man in bed.

“[This] is a song for the working girl,” Levan told Flaunt via email. “I wrote this tune with intentions of making an anthem for the modern-day babe who busts her ass all day getting that paper and can’t wait to see her man at the end of the day.”

And Levan is certainly the kind of busy-body to create such an anthem. “I can remember those times when I was working all day either in a writing session or a shoot, but my mind kept drifting off elsewhere. All I wanted to do was to get home to my boo and rattle him in bed.”

Levan has tried her hand in a variety of fields. Not only is she a pop-curator of the musical variety, but she also spent the past couple years teaming up with Sting to write and record music (performing a Beatles’ cover with him on Letterman), toured with Fitz & The Tantrums, and appeared in the recent TV remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

So the singer knows what it means to be engulfed in the workday, and the video for “When I Get Home” showcases the seductive elements of returning home to a stress-free, sometimes sensual environment. The visuals evoked by the music video represent a sexy, letting-go affect.

But just because Levan is infatuated by that return to your man at the end of the day, it doesn’t mean that she is currently entwined in the thralls of a relationship. “When you’re in a passionate and loving relationship it seems to be the only thing on your mind. Being single now, I daydream about those times and that was my inspiration [for “When I Get Home”].”

Relationships aside, this unwinding is really just a matter of feminine relief, Levan believing women should do whatever the hell they want and look forward to the good, sensual times ahead. “Way back in the day, [I] did some pole dancing for fun (and the cash wasn’t bad either) so I hope this song can be a good track for my ladies to get their seduction on to.”

Catch the new track and video exclusively here, and look out for Levan’s upcoming EP, Fucc It, which will be dropping January 25th, 2019.

Video directed by Dorian Caster