Instagram Update

by Ottavia Brey

Photo courtesy of Instagram

Photo courtesy of Instagram

It’s been a little over a year since Instagram first launched IGTV, its standalone, long-form video app. Since then, an ever-growing number of viewers has been interacting more frequently with the platform, along with a surge of new original content from creators of all sizes.

 Right from the start, the company started absorbing its users feedback, taking into consideration the opinions of IGTV’s many users. These same comments, from artists seeking to express themselves and consumers on the lookout for new material, have already driven the majority of the app’s most significant changes. In fact, these exchanges recently led the company to enable feed previews, allowing people to publish snippets of their videos to their Instagram feed.

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 One of the platform’s most significant updates was announced today. As of May 23rd, IGTV now supports landscape videos, in addition to its original vertical format. While the latter is ideal for those looking to get up-close and personal with their audience, the new landscape feature has its own strengths. For those seeking to capture high motion, wide-frame subjects, such as dance and sports, the new feature is the perfect solution.