by Flaunt Magazine


The France Los Angeles Exchange also know as FLAX is partnering up with Tin Flats to present a series of exhibitions, performances and drive-in movie screenings which is free and open to all from the 6th of September to the 30th of November. With the intent of bringing together artists from all over Los Angeles, France and many other interesting places in an important cultural hub surrounding the magical world of the arts.

The program director Anna Milone wanted to focus on the notions of process and translation—exploring the transition space in which they develop and the actions they offer in a series of programs that oscillates between the presence and the absence, tangibility and invisibility though out all of the talented artists.

To learn more about the event and their program check out this link for all of the information: https://flaxfoundation.org/initiative/flax-tin-flats/

Written By Lily Burdis