FLAUNT PREMIERE | Sage Charmaine x Rocky Lynch Remix

by Agathe Pinard

BRASH STUDIOS jacket and PAM HOGG bodysuit.

BRASH STUDIOS jacket and PAM HOGG bodysuit.

At only 15, Sage Charmaine is working with double-diamond Producer PJ Bianco, known for his work with Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony and A R I Z O N A. Her debut single Cherries, released in December 2017, was inspired by Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed a Girl’ and played with the “sweet like sugar” kissing theme. The 15-year-old recently finished a ten city tour with Boys Of Summer, where she debuted her latest single, "u never did that 4 me."

Flaunt is proud to premiere Charmaine’s collaboration with half of The Driver Era, Rocky Lynch. Find Lynch’s remix of “Cherries” under our mini-interview with electro-pop princess Sage Charmaine:

You've been writing songs yourself since you were 9, how would you describe your creative process?

I write about anything and everything! I feel like with how my brain works, I really feel and analyze my emotions. Because of this, putting my feelings into the form of lyrics and song is pretty easy because I can channel my emotion and write in that headspace. I get inspired by lots of stuff. While I write about a lot of personal experiences, I am only 15 which leaves me having to write about other’s experiences as well. 

"Cherries" is about kissing and seduction, how did the song come together? Do you remember when you were writing it?

Yes I do! I had just come into the studio after listening to “I kissed a girl“ on repeat, hence the title and theme of “cherries” from “cherry chapstick.” The song kind of ended up all falling together when I loosely made the whole song about some innocent kissing action. 

How did the collaboration with Rocky come along?

I met Rocky through mutual people we work with — everyone told me he’d be a perfect fit for me to collab with and they were all right! 

How do you want people to feel like when they are listening to your songs?

I want them to feel whatever emotion I'm portraying in the song. If they're sad and in need of some help, I want whatever song of mine they're listening to, to provide them with the comfort they need, or the happiness, or the anger etc. I just want my songs to be relatable and help people feel good. 

What are you working on next?

Right now, I’m working on everything! I have countless songs on deck ready to come out with lots of super cool features (including 2 new songs with Rocky), and I’m always making more. I also have lots of upcoming performances so be sure to be paying attention to my socials so you know when I’m coming to a city near you!

Have a listen to the remix below:

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Photo by Maeghan Donohue @ Kreative Kommune