Flaunt Premiere | Adreyn Cash

by flaunt

Jamaican-born British artist and producer, Adreyn Cash, is the up-and-coming R&B powerhouse. The South London artist draws influence from Prince, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, and Michael Jackson, creating smooth and pure vocals across soul, R&B, gospel, and alternative categories. His unique sound is honed into ‘Illusions;’ an 8-track EP marking his first debut project. We spoke with Cash on his journey through these lyrically emotional tracks.

Tell us about the concept and inspirations behind ‘Illusions.’

This project is a beautiful journey through love, pain and desire and the battles that take place within the mind that makes these things elusive. The biggest obstacle in my quest for love was in-fact myself. Thus, making this project an introspective journey through my mind and why I felt like I didn’t deserve happiness and love.

How have your Jamaican/ British roots influenced your vocal aesthetic?

Jamaican culture is diverse and filled with passion; it’s also very colourful and vibrant with a hint of darkness. In many ways, the British culture that I grew up in was very similar. These are all things I hone in my voice, the ability to convey the passion of my songs with colour and contrast. However, growing up in the UK I always felt as though I walked a fine line between the two cultures, which added a bit of mystery and androgyny. Upon hearing me sing for the first time, many are unable to determine where I’m from or what gender I am.

Explain a song or lyric in ‘Illusions’ that holds significant meaning to you.

Breathe is one of the most personal songs on this project. I wrote it while I was in a very bad place. I was struggling with depression and felt as though I was suffocating, no matter how my mother and my family tried to help I felt breathless. I decided to write a song about a personified anti-depressant whose words, like my mothers, helped me to ‘Breathe.’

What can we expect from you in the upcoming months?

Now that the EP is out, I’m turning my attention on to visuals. I want to create artistic videos that bring the essence of the songs alive! I’m excited to get back into the studio to record some more material for the summer and getting back on the road!

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