Final Projects: Group XLVIII | Exhibit

by Hannah Abueideh

Raising questions about the “Coyotes” of the Mexicali border, old and contemporary Koreatown, and a society based on technology rather than politics…Final Projects: Group XLVIII exhibits three contrasting artists attempting to unveil hidden truths.

"Coyotes" are the MexiCali's night watch of the border. Their job is to cut holes in boarder's fences during the night for people to escape. By morning, the fence is all patched up by Border Patrol. Ovidiu Anton documented the attempts made to cross the Mexicali border and studied the process of welding the broken fences.

Jehee Park focuses on the mix of original and contemporary Koreatown. Through the use of objects found around the area, like beef fat and Korean spices, Park has created sculptures to represent the the originality and contemporary components of Koreatown.

Lastly, having created an "artificial search dog," Peter Behrbohm and Markus Buehler not only blur the the lines between artist and scientist but also between the digital world online and the digital world as a reality.

Don’t miss it at the MAK Center in West Hollywood with an opening reception on September 5th and the exhibition on September 6th-7th.