New York Brand Phelan Is Bringing A Futuristic Look To Fashion

by Flaunt Intern

Images via Phelan and  photographed by Casper Sejersen

Images via Phelan and photographed by Casper Sejersen

Debuting only two years ago, New York fashion label Phelan is making its mark in the industry with its approach on modern fashion. Creative director Amanda Phelan found a way to bring together a futuristic aesthetic by illustrating an integrative approach to design. The knitwear brand features innovative cuts, retro patterns, and bold colors. 

With a strong background in dance, Phelan was able to incorporate an energetic element to her newest collection, which will be her fourth. Lots of movement and flow are shown in her latest editorials, which are photographed by Casper Sejersen and features Canadian model Amber Witcomb.

The images portray a dated scenery with contemporary design giving life to the brand's theme. Phelan wanted to create a new perspective from past childhood sketches. Even her brother Benjamin Phelan, a sculptor from New York, featured some of his work in the lookbook known as "noodles." 

Images via Phelan  photographed by Casper Sejersen

Images via Phelan photographed by Casper Sejersen

Along with the lookbook, the brand came out with a short film emphasizing the labels movement towards cutting-edge fashion. Directed by New Media ltd, the film features an integrated cast of models dancing, and frolicking throughout dramatic scenery bringing a lively atmosphere.

The film also goes into a 3D futuristic world created by ribbons where her patterns and silhouettes actually come to life. Even the model's faces were scanned to fit into their characters to show exact resemblances. The film is unlike anything seen in fashion and brings a new take on fashion films.  

Phelan's new collection will launch in September alongside a 360-degree shoot by Chadwick Tyler. Viewers will be able to get a glimpse at the items in a new way by being able to focus in with immense detail. Whether it be for Phelan's avant-garde designs or visionary creative media, Phelan is a label you are going to want to keep an eye on. 

Written by Alex Ceballos