Louis Vuitton's Mens S/S Ready-To-Wear '18 Collection Pops Up In Beverly Hills

by Flaunt Staff

Ever dream of shredding some gnarly crests down Rodeo? We have, but only in our darkest dreams, as we're not that apocalyptic and hope the waves don't reach that far east anytime soon. However, the idea did surf across our imagination again this weekend as Louis Vuitton unveiled their traveling pop-up, complete with stylishly refurbished VW van parked on the sidewalk of Rodeo Drive.

This pop-up, which started in Miami, and eventually makes its way to Hawaii, celebrates the Spring 2018 collection by Kim Jones. Riffing off classic surfer styles, this Louis Vuitton collection elevates some of our summer favorites beyond our wildest dreams. The collection features Hawaiian shirts shrouded in iridescent organza, elegantly structured neoprene tops, leather jackets, denim bucket hats, and logo-stamped Velcro sandals. And, of course, a surf board that you can take out with you the next time the waves call. The clothing is playful and vibrant, while maintaining the chic and luxurious sensibility that characterizes Louis Vuitton. Turns out classic couture with a hint of Jeff Spicoli might be just what we all needed for this upcoming Spring. 

Written by Andie Eisen