#EmptyCoachella is showing the world the festival grounds before the show begins

by Amy Marie Slocum

“We are seeking experiential moments; spaces and environments that we can live and feel in.” – Chiaozza

There are very few places one can experience synesthesia – combining of several senses into one experience – better than Coachella. Visitors to the iconic festival become awash in sights and sounds not experienced anywhere else. Omnipresent music and colossal art installations merge to form an adventure that equals more than the sum of its parts.

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For the first time ever, Coachella is showing off their major art installations before the grounds are open to the public. Check out the hashtag #EmptyCoachella on Instagram to see what the festival grounds look like without a sea of energetic music fans. Coachella has always been a place with fantastic art and every year just gets better and better.

This year’s sculptures feature vibrant colors and dynamic poses. From massive, sparkly butterflies to more abstract deconstructions of familiar forms, the installations change the already beautiful landscape into something out of a dream.

The artists themselves are just as impressive as the lineup of musicians playing the festival. Chiaozza, Gustavo Prado, and Olalekan “Lek” Jeyifous as well as UK art duo Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan all use their unique visions to shape the festival’s microcosmic collective unconscious.

“It’s intended to provide spectacle,” Joanne Tatham explains about her work for Coachella, “…we’re always interested in spectacle as somewhat awkward behavior of contemporary art.”

Spectacle is certainly the best word to describe Coachella.

See for yourself #emptycoachella #EmptyCoachella.

Written by Gregory McLellan
Photos: Lance Gerber