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Nick Wold, Nelson, and Jacob Lee Wick make up DREAMERS. The rock trio just released their second EP of a trilogy, FLY. The group is about to kick off on their headlining tour this September as well as releasing new music. Their influences of art, punk, and grunge  synthesized with their own perspective has lead them to create their trilogy of EPs.


Flaunt go the opportunity to sit down for a Q&A with the band before they head off on their tour.

FLAUNT: You are releasing your EP on September 7th, how has the process been making it?

Nick: It's been a crazy two years since our song "Sweet Disaster" came out. We've been touring pretty non stop all around the US again and again. Whenever we'd get a few days at home in LA we'd write a few songs and then head back out. It was such a crazy journey, and we'd all gone through such life changes during the period. I think all those feelings really show in the new music.

What messages are you bringing to your fans with this EP? What do you want them to take away from it?

Nick: We're releasing 3 eps in a row, the first one Launch came out this summer and was all about new beginnings. This second one is called Fly and is about being in the thick of it, being lost in the moment.  We had all gone through life changes and adventures good and bad, we think that when you're changing you're really living. 

Your song “Screws” talks about the loneliness within a relationship. Is this based off of a personal experience?

Nick: I was going through a bad breakup while writing the record.  I never intended it to be a 'breakup album' but whenever I wrote about that topic people seemed to respond or like those songs. I think it's something that people can really relate to. It's a pain we'll all go through at some point.

How did your band form? When did you all meet?

Nelson: DREAMERS coalesced in Brooklyn NY. Nick was living in a rehearsal space there to focus on the craft of his songwriting. I met him on the scene and was blown away. We started to work together immediately. Recorded “Wolves” and when that did well on Sirius satellite radio DREAMERS started building a loyal fanbase. We signed a deal, moved to LA and met Jacob. The circle was complete and we’ve been touring and writing and recording nonstop over the last 3 years.

As a collaborative group, what challenges have you encountered when it comes to different artistic choices/opinions?

Nelson: Everybody has an opinion!! I think the secret to good work is the acknowledgment that they are all valid, all worth hearing and considering, but that your personal opinion is never necessarily more valid than anyone else’s. It’s like a functioning democracy. Everyone votes, everyone contributes and the consensus rules the day. It’s never about who is loudest. It’s about what feels right in the room. We get a lot of ears on our recordings. It helps that our tastes are very aligned and we insist on working fast. Write, record and arrange a song in a day. No time to get too precious about it. The hard part is choosing what songs to be released. We’ve written a ton in the last year alone.

How would you describe your musical style? How has your musical style evolved from when the band first formed?

Nelson: We are a modern alternative band rooted in some old traditions we want to keep alive. It’s like, “What would 90s grunge sound like made on a computer today?” We look to our influences of the past for inspiration on how to do something different and fresh today. That’s the goal. To synthesize something new from fragments of culture we think are still relevant and speak to us. Our style has evolved such that we are more comfortable being DREAMERS today than we were when we started. We didn’t know how it would go over. Now we know we have a base that gets and appreciates us. Now we just want to be the best us we can be for them. And it’s rewarding AF!

As artists, who or what have you drawn inspiration from for your music?

Nick: So many places. Not just music but books, existential fiction and sci-fi. And surrealist art like Dali and Bosch. We all grew up on the Beatles and 60's rock at home. When I was a kid growing up in Seattle I became obsessed with Nirvana and the other grunge bands of the time. We all loved 70's punk as well, and the 2000's New York punk revival. We just wanted our band to carry that thread of great rock music into the future, to take from those influences but do something that couldn't have been done before now.

What are your short term and long term goals?

Nick: Short term we just wanna keep working harder than ever before, making better and better music, videos, light shows and artwork. The response to our new music has been so encouraging, and the fact that we get to do this as a job is really a dream. We want to keep touring and start touring internationally next year. Long term we want to take our message as far and wide as we can. We'll take it all the way to the moon and play shows there if we can.

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Written by: Collin Schreiber

Photos by: Dana Trippe