Chronicles Volume 1: The Awakening

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

Attention all fashion stans! Are you tired of the boring, dated storybook? Flipping through endless pages showcasing hordes of beautiful people wearing the most extravagant outfits is fun and all, but don’t you wish there was a narrative tying all these pictures together? After all, we are in the heyday of modern television, complete with long-form narratives. 

Chronicles, the newest project by Justin von Oldershausen, Christine Riggs, and Jimi Urquiaga, refashions the traditional storybook into something more interactive. This ambitious project explores the creation of a new world and the beginning of life itself. The book tells a story centered around “the Creator,” who undergoes a spiritual awakening which leads to the creation of life. Like most Gods, she discovers that while it's easy to create, it's much easier to lose control of your creation. 

Jumpstarting this series, Chronicles Volume 1: The Awakening arrives on July 10th, with the other volumes following on a yearly basis. The Awakening launches with eight distinctive covers featuring talent such as Ajak Deng, Jazzelle Zanaughtti, Lili Sumner, Brooks Ginnan, and many more. 

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