New Documentary "Welcome to My Life" Examines the Agony and the Ecstasy of Chris Brown

by flaunt

Chris Brown is incontestably a gifted music maker. And whether you think Breezy is sleazy or you're still down with Chris Brown, it's hard to deny that the man is a complex and interesting figure. Now, a new documentary directed by Andrew Sandler and produced by Andrew Listermann, titled Welcome to My Life, will provide us the Chris Brown point of view in all its glitter and gold, detailing "his triumphs, his struggles, his journey" and revealing long-awaited answers. 

In honor of the doc's release, we pulled The Census Issue out of the Flaunt archives and scanned a photo from a shoot with Mr. Brown, dating back to a time when he was a much less polarizing figure. 

Check out a preview for the documentary below: 

Photo: Kevin Amato