Charles Ray: two ghosts | Matthew Marks Gallery

by Christopher Andrew Armstrong

Charles Ray: two ghosts opens this weekend at both of the Matthew Marks Gallery. The complete show features two sculptures and over twenty works on paper, all crafted by the Los Angeles based artist. “Two Horses” highlight the gallery’s collection, Ray’s first work in stone. On display at the 1062 Orange Grove location, originating as a single block of Virginia granite, the piece sits at ten feet tall, fourteen feet wide, and tops the scale at over six tons.

Another striking sculpture on display is a new version of his 2017 masterpiece “Mountain Lion Attacking a Dog.” Constructed out of aluminum, the original reiterates its title with a mountain lion hovering over a helpless dog preparing for the kill. The series continues Ray’s fascination with the wild as he says his inspiration evolved from the four-hour morning walks, he made time for in his schedule, where he would cruse through the hills above Los Angeles and have multiple run-ins with the wild cats which populate the region.

The 7818 Santa Monica Boulevard location is proud to present a selection of the artist’s drawings, the first show highlighting this medium of his since 2010. These images of flowers, drawn with ink on paper, shares the sculpture’s same massive scale, with one picture reaching nearly seven feet in height.

Charles Ray: two ghosts is on view at 1062 North Orange Grove and 7818 Santa Monica Blvd from April 13 to June 22. Open visitations are available from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on a daily basis.