Carlito Dalceggio’s "Mythologia Libre"

by Tyler Mazaheri

Multimedia artist, Carlito Dalceggio, is bringing his nomadic art-life practice to New York this May. With works that style harken back to masters like Henri Matisse, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Pablo Picasso, the artist intends to create a “mythology of now.” His erratic strokes and surreal colors bring to life the chaotic nature of today, immersing you in Dalceggio’s world of his own. Dalceggio takes this chaos and creates something meditative—peaceful. Like a shaman of sorts, he takes these times of endurance and finds a way of making them beautiful, something to even celebrate. We belong to his tribe and are happy to be so.

His show, Mythologia Libre, will carry on for the length of May, including daily performances, among other festivities. Whether you fancy painting, sculpture, poetry, music, film, or performance art—there is something for everyone. Through these modes, you will be ushered through “to the unknown beauty and mystery of the universe — where art exists as a primal scream.” Free and open to the public, there is no excuse to not come out and see.

Carlito Dalceggio’s Mythologia Libre will be on view May 3 through 24, 2019 at 332 Canal Street, New York, NY, 10013.