Cardi B Goes From Wife to Widow in New Music Video

by Flaunt Magazine

Cardi B has returned from her social media hiatus to introduce the visual for her third single, “Be Careful” off her debut album Invasion of Privacy. If we've learned anything from Cardi B, it's that we can never truly know what to expect from the Bronx rapper. In this cinematic performance, a pregnant (though she hides it well) Cardi B enters a western-themed wedding chapel that has a strikingly similar appearance to the chapel in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. As Cardi’s hair flies with the wind, she weds her husband and attends his funeral shortly after, dripping in black with strings of diamonds covering her face. The video ends with Cardi walking into the desert sunset and leaving her mark by staking a cross in the ground. According to Cardi, this has been her most challenging video yet. She took to her personal Instagram in the most Cardi B-esque way possible, explaining, “It was one of the hardest videos I ever did because it was in the desert, like the middle of nowhere, and bitch I was so hot. I never sweat and I was sweating that day.”

Even with her impending due date, Cardi hasn't slowed her roll. Last week the Atlantic Records rapper paired with Jennifer Lopez and DJ Khaled for “Dinero,” J-Lo’s newest single before hopping on Rita Ora’s track “Girls” with Charlie XCX and Bebe Rexha.

Written by Allyson Borunda