Cancer Gift Guide Pt 1

by Flaunt Magazine

Get your swing on, throw a collar on and get an ice-cold shot down it's the kick off to Cancer month! Time to be a decadent and naughty bitch! Cancer's run the gambit on behaviors, they are gentle and aggressive, simple and hedonistic. Shopping for one can be a nightmare as you can't tell if they want minimal ceramic art object or a designer luxury weed pen lined wrapped in fur. With all that confusion we are here to inform you on how to shop for one of the pickiest in our weekly gift guide.

1. Filling Pieces Trainers to help a cancer dance the night away before walking some distances after their phone dies. As usual the address of an afterparty will still be in their mind. Cancers are stubborn, nothing will stop them from a good night out.


2 Philipp Plein Collar: Chances are that your cancer has a hicky from someone they don't remember. We must also remember that that Cancers are mild hoarders or rather curators, they like and need to be decorated in items that can shield and attack unwanted approaching it girls.


Patron Silver: Do not let that hard shell and outrageous outfits fool you, Cancers are as luxurious as they are neurotic creatures. They probably need liquid courage more than any other sign, though they'll only take it premium, so don't come at them with that well drink.


Photography by Jim Turner @JimJTurner  

Art Direction by  Aitor Saumell @AitorSaumell

Written by BJ Panda Bear @BJPandaBear