by Liam Casey

Candle connoisseur Boy Smells is adding new scents to their consistently growing armory of wax beginning May 1st. Crafted in their Pico Union studio, the brand is launching Chromesthesia, a new series which aims to “combine the best of science and mother nature”, featuring aromas including Ambrosia, Anjelica and Dynasty. Coconut and beeswax have never had it so good. The inspiration behind the new line’s name draws from a behavior which produces a visual impression based on scent, sight or sound. Did we mention Boy Smells’ decadent Chromesthesia candles are beautiful, too? Each candle has an array of colors corresponding to the earthy scents, creating a monochromatic sensory experience. Get ready for a symphony of mandarin peel, rosemary, angelica seed, musk, rhubarb, pink peppercorn and tulip.

The scent will be available May 1 HERE