Bottega Veneta's Pre-Fall 2019 Collection

by Kyle Huewe

Bottega Veneta offers a first look at their new Pre-Fall 2019 collection, the first to be designed by new Creative Director Daniel Lee. The collection, while chic, demonstrates the fundamental principles of the brand, highlighting what defines Bottega Veneta: respect for craftsmanship, the nobility of materials, a rich, Italian heritage.

“Made In Italy” doesn’t just apply to their tags but rather to their ideology. Lee and Bottega Veneta wish to display the warmth and generosity of Italy through their clothes and accessories, playing upon the community, familial spirit of the country.

This creates a streamlined form of beauty. These clothes matter less to the runway and more to the practicality of everyday life, offering themselves to a discreet breed of contemporary luxury, all while paying homage to the past. Both men and women’s clothing evoke the reality of modern dressing: playing with looser proportions, mixing the relaxed amid the formal.

But Lee’s Pre-Fall 2019 doesn’t sway too far from Bottega Veneta’s longstanding traditions. The focal point of the collection is the leather, pieces using every permutation of the material. Leather is combined with delicate, true materials: wools, cottons, cashmeres and silks.

The colors of the collection praise the leather, offering humble patterns of cordovan, espresso, amber, and oxblood, punctuated with subtle, heightened shades contrasted with chalk and Milanese black.

Furthermore, accessories abide the clothing, not detract. Pre-Fall 2019 demonstrates fragile, minimal, almost architectural structures in its arsenal of accessories and handbags. Bottega Veneta uses the natural qualities found in raw materials to achieve such sensuality, down to the hardware: hardware on bags and belts draws on Milanese Reductionism, incorporating hammered balls and chains in attenuated golds and silvers.

Daniel Lee and Bottega Veneta, through the workings of the Pre-Fall 2019 collection, wish to present personality, singularity, and identity, offering an authentic yet lifestyle-oriented wardrobe that concocts the notions of luxurious and accessible.