Flaunt Premiere | Yoste "Blue"

by Sundai Johnson

Despite the time difference and some logistical mishaps not uncommon for connecting across the globe, Yoste (pronounced like, “lost”) was generously pleasant and earnestly kind during our chat. With a former single already in the airways, Brisbane born artist Kurt Sines of Yoste, gives us “Blue”, his most recent single. The second single released from his upcoming EP, try to be okay, expected February 19th 2019 on Akira Records, the wispy, pop-centric track is reminiscent of his characteristic sound first revealed through his 2016 debut single, “Chihiro” and offers a glimpse into the kind of fluid melodies we can look forward to in forthcoming projects.

When asked how he personally describes his own sound, Kurt started with an endearing chuckle explaining that he could do “the 1975 answer of ‘there’s no such thing as genre” but went on to describe his work as “ambient, alternative pop”.

“It’s more about having those ambient pop sensibilities, and just having interesting sounds. The song has to be strong in its own right, but beyond that, you can enrich it so much just by having quirky sounds.”

After “flitting in and out of bands”, Yoste began producing his own music just at the end of high school. As producer, writer and vocalist, he expressed that, “[It is this] wholesome and cathartic thing for me when I can make a song from start to finish.” He classified himself as a “bit of a control freak”, in this right, however, I believe is simply evident of someone that is wholly and deeply invested in full scope of his work.

Alongside his last single from the EP, “Arc”, an introspective track navigating questions of aging, and mortality, Yoste describes “Blue” as an evolution on similar themes, yet dealing more so with questions of identity. Yoste explains that while “Blue” was birthed in part from “tracking down the source of his own identity”, it is a track that urges us to “just be a part of the moment”.  

When asked what we can expect from him in the near future, Yoste expressed excitement about his debut EP that will feature quite a few more tracks that are currently in the works, and artwork by New York based artist, Sydney St. Clare.

As dreamy as his sound, Yoste assures us that “ [he] probably thinks too much so there will be no shortage of introspection to fuel more songs.”

Written by Sundai Johnson

Photos by Markus Ravik and Anthony Sines (black and white)