by Sam Bashaw

It’s time to get creepy bitches and witches.

Black Rabbit Rose will be hosting a new magic show, just in time for the Leo Moon that appears this Halloween. The intimate theater, said to be haunted by all the greats of the Old Hollywood’s silent film era, will be the ideal setting for “The Witching Hour,” a show guaranteed to to raise all the unshaven hairs on your body. Led by the resident conjurors – Liberty Larsen, Asia Ray, and Fitzgerald – the evening will be a creation of revelry, mischief, and darks arts galore. What’s not to love?

Once a thriving speakeasy in the Golden Age, the Black Rabbit Rose theater will be thick with gaunt ritual traditions as the conjurors invite Spirits to make themselves known to the living. “The Witching Hour” will run from Oct. 11 – Nov. 30, which will give ample time for the supernatural to spread long after the Leo moon sets.

Tickets are $40. Space is limited. Spirits are in abundance. To reserve your haunted seat click here and thank me later.

Photos courtesy of Black Rabbit Rose