Banksy Creates Two New Pieces to Celebrate Basquiat Exhibit Opening in London

by Flaunt Intern

Street artist Banksy has created two new pieces of art that have popped up on the wall of the Barbican Centre in central London.

The two new pieces, which include a ferris wheel with crowns as the seats and a man being searched by police, are in celebration of the opening of Jean-Michel Basquiat's new exhibit in London.

The works are an "unofficial" collaboration between Banksy and Basquiat according to Banksy's Instagram page. 

Basquiat's exhibit will open at the Barbican Centre on Thursday and will feature over 100 works from international museums and private collections. Be on the looking out for Basquiat's new exhibition in London and be sure to check out Banksy's celebratory new street art on the walls just outside. 

Written by Corey Fuller